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Violent Crimes, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, Theft

Crimes, White Collar Crimes

Mr. Trejo has been defending criminal cases for 42 years. While his practice is located in Los Angeles County, he has handled cases from Northern California to San Diego and many jurisdictions in between.  He has tried numerous jury trials in his 41 years of practice, from first degree murder to drunk driving and just about everything in between.  Not all cases have to go to jury trial, a good attorney can get the best results out of any given case, even one that at first glance appears to be hopeless.  Mr. Trejo believes that preparation is the key to achieving the best result in every case: whether to obtain a favorable plea bargain or to convince a jury of his client's innocence.  You owe yourself or your loved one the best defense possible. You can count on Mr. Trejo to provide that defense for you. 


Auto Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents

When a person is injured, physically or emotionally, by the negligent or intentional act of another, that person is entitled to file a claim against that person (usually through their insurance company) to recover monetary compensation for their injuries.  This is commonly referred to as Personal Injury.  


An injured person should not wait, but rather should immediately contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney, such as Mr. Trejo, to obtain a no cost, no obligation consultation to have their case evaluated.  This can often times even be done over the telephone.  At that consultation, the attorney can provide the client with important advice as to what the person should and should not do so as to preserve their rights and not damage their case.


Oftentimes an injured person will be entitled to receive monetary compensation to pay for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience, loss of wages (past and future) and to pay for their medical expenses and property damage.  


Mr. Trejo takes personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means he charges a fee only if he recovers a monetary settlement, judgment or award.  If no money is recovered, then he charges no attorney's fees.


Driving Under the Influence

In California, it is unlawful for an adult to be driving while having a 0.08% blood alcohol content. Upon arrest, the person's license is taken by the arresting officer and a temporary license is given to the arrestee that allows him to drive for thirty days. After that period, the person's license will be suspended by the DMV. Therefore, a DUI arrest really becomes two cases. One in the court of law as DUI is a criminal offense punishable by fines, license suspension and possibly jail time, and one with the administrative procedure of the DMV for the suspension of the driver's privilege to drive.


It is therefore very important that a person arrested for DUI immediately retain an experienced attorney to represent him both in the criminal court and in the administrative hearing with the DMV. It is especially critical for the DMV suspension because the temporary license given by the arresting officer only provides 10 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with the DMV on the license suspension. If the hearing is requested within those 10 days, then the suspension will be postponed until after the DMV hearing. If it is not requested within 10 days, then the right to have a hearing may be lost, although in some circumstances the DMV may permit a hearing even if requested past the initial 10 day period.


Although all cases are truly different and the outcome of each case depends on the facts and evidence, it is possible to get a dismissal or a reduction of the DUI case in court and to avoid the suspension of the privilege to drive by the DMV. The sooner a driver hires an attorney, the sooner the attorney can begin to investigate and prepare his case for both the court and the DMV hearing.

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